Alejandro Piscitelli. Oral Tweets

To make most of the educator and philosopher Alejandro Piscitelli visit in Barcelona, we came up with a different interview: we gave him some concepts on key issues we are exploring at CCCB Lab: innovation, emergence, complexity, media convergence, serendipity, expanded education, etc. so that the author of Internet: la imprenta del siglo XXI and Ciberculturas 2.0 could give us some sort of oral tweets as a reply. Piscitelli accepted the challenge quite naturally, and this is the result.

Alejandro Piscitelli is a philosopher and specialist in new technologies. BA at Universidad de Buenos Aires, Master of Science in Systems at the University of Louisville (USA) and Master of Social Sciences at FLACSO (Argentina). He is lecturer at the Data Processing Workshop, Informatics and Telematics, in the Comunication Sciences degree at the UBA, and author of the seminal works El proyecto Facebook y la Postuniversidad (2010), the result of the participatory education project in the subject that he teachesNativos Digitales. Dieta cognitiva, inteligencia colectiva y arquitecturas de la participación (2009); Internet: la imprenta del siglo XXI (2005), Meta-cultura: el eclipse de los medios masivos en la era de Internet (2002) and Ciberculturas 2.0. En la era de las máquinas inteligentes (2002), among others.

He is the author of the blog Filosofitis.

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Alejandro Piscitelli. Oral Tweets