Digital technologies are radically changing our lives. We reflect on the use and abuse of technology.


Algorithmic Injustice

David Casacuberta

In light of the increasing use of algorithms to automate decisions, we do not just want them to produce results that are correct. They must also be fair.


Fake News: Sharing is Caring

Sandra Álvaro

Algorithmic filter bubbles on the Internet limit the diversity of viewpoints we see and make it easier to spread fabricated information.



Carlos A. Scolari

An application that incorporates the Internet on Things and Transmedia Storytelling, with a module that includes a drone.


Flaubertian Definition

Ramon Sangüesa | Ferran Esteve

Variations of the definition of the Internet of Things depending on whether we take the perspective of objects, corporations, administrations, or citizens.



Marta García-Matos

A smart cinema where the film is self-generated by an algorithm that monitors and responds to audience emotions and reactions.


The Thing

Jorge Carrión

A short story about how we unwittingly found ourselves surrounded by sensors in an always-connected world.


Ramon Llull and Network Thinking

Anna Punsoda

What is the Arts Magna? What was the reach of Ramon Llull’s logical-conceptual system? What language did it speak? What world could be created on that basis?