Liliana Arroyo

A researcher at the Institut d’Innovació Social (ESADE) she is responsible for social impact at Playground Do and is an expert in digital transformation and social impact.

A Doctor in Sociology from the University of Barcelona (2013), she is a social analyst who has combined academic research and applied sociology. She is currently focusing on issues of social innovation and digital transformation, investigating what social impact digital tools have on the way we do things, feel things and relate to each other. In recent times she has been a promoting member of the Observatory for Sustainable Development Goals and has recently joined Playground Do with responsibility for its digital social impact.

She is also an active communicator and participates regularly in conferences and lectures. She writes regularly in the print media (El Periódico, Diari Ara, El Diari de l’Educació) and also contributes to radio programmes. Because knowledge that seeks how to build fairer and more sustainable societies cannot be put away in a drawer.



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