Jussi Parikka

Media theorist, writer and lecturer specialising in technological culture and aesthetic at Southampton University’s Winchester School of Art.

A media theorist and writer, he gives classes at the University of Southampton’s Winchester School of Art. He is also adjunct professor of Digital Culture Theory at the University of Turku, Finland. Parikka has written numerous articles on the accidents and dark areas of online culture (Digital Contagions, 2007 and the co-edited volume The Spam Book, 2009), the biopolitics of media culture (Insect Media, 2010, the special issue Fibreculture, co-edited for Unnatural Ecologies, 2011, and the recently published electronic book Medianatures, 2011) and Media archaeology (the co-edited volume Media Archaeology, 2011 and the forthcoming book What is Media Archaeology?, 2012).


What is Insect Media?

Jussi Parikka

Insects are a reference of network culture, from talk of hive minds and distributed networks to algorithms that function like ant colonies.