Algorithmic Injustice

David Casacuberta

In light of the increasing use of algorithms to automate decisions, we do not just want them to produce results that are correct. They must also be fair.


Fake news: sharing is caring

Sandra Álvaro

Algorithmic filter bubbles on the Internet limit the diversity of viewpoints we see and make it easier to spread fabricated information.

The Future of the Book

The literary and publishing ecosystem is facing a major transformation. Can we imagine a future beyond the traditional book?


The book to come

Javier Celaya

Artificial intelligence, big data, and virtual reality are set to change the book world over the next ten years.

“Lovers of print are simply confusing the plate for the food.”

Douglas Adams


The emergence of the voice

Jorge Carrión

In a world of communications where writing and audiovisual formats prevail, the voice and sound are making their way into the foreground.

“Devices are not dangerous for literature. People can be dangerous for literature. People, for example, who do not read.”

László Krasznahorkai

“A computer does not smell.”

Ray Bradbury

“Books are no more threatened by kindle than stairs by elevators.”

Stephen Fry